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New York Giants notes: Surgeries, and more

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Don't know how much more New York Giants reading material you guys can stomach this morning. But, here is a look around the Inter-Google for some of what is being said in the wake of the team's late-season collapse.

  • Justin Tuck (shoulder), Brandon Jacobs (knee), Ahmad Bradshaw (feet), Madison Hedgecock (shoulder) and Hakeem Nicks (wrist) will all go under the knife. The biggest surprise to me is Hedgecock, who has apparently played most of the season with a torn labrum -- the same injury Tuck sustained.
  • Ralph Vacchiano reports that sources within the Giants tell him Bill Sheridan will be fired. Geez, Ralph, you needed 'sources' to tell you that. In case anybody cares, Pro Football Weekly ranked the defensive coordinators this morning. Sheridan finished 30th. Amazingly, that means two coordinators were considered worse.
  • Writing for The New York Times, our pal Ernie Palladino hit all the salient points in writing an epitaph for the Giants season. Ernie asked this very critical question:

    "How do you return a winning pride to a locker room that seemed devoid of veteran leadership for the last half of the season?"

    Particularly on defense, that is a question the Giants have to answer. Antonio Pierce can't be counted on. Justin Tuck is a terrific player, but doesn't lift or lead his teammates. No one knows what Kenny Phillips' status will be for next season. Osi Umenyiora is too wrapped up in himself. So, where will the leadership come from?

  • Patricia Traina offers her list of endangered Giants at Inside Football. Interestingly, she thinks Rich Seubert is in more danger of losing his spot on the offensive line than Kareem McKenzie. If you believe Will Beatty is ready to play left tackle, you can make a good argument that she is right.

  • I am sure you are already trying to figure out who will replace Sheridan as defensive coordinator. Keep in mind that, despite being told he can come back next season, John Fox has not yet committed to returning as Carolina head coach.

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