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'Kudos & Wet Willies:' Thank God it's over edition

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Well, our New York Giants completely embarrassed themselves for a second straight week on Sunday. Thank God this season is over. I can't watch any more non-efforts that make me ashamed to be a fan of this team.

That said, now let's get on with the final 'Kudos & Wet Willies' of the season.

Kudos to ...

Yes, believe it or not, I found at least a few performances worthy of 'Kudos' amidst Sunday's wreckage.

  • Ahmad Bradshaw: I could care less about his final numbers (7 carries, 13 yards, two catches, 33 yards). What I care about is that Bradshaw, on two broken feet and two bad ankles, was out there playing his guts out. If the guys on the defensive side of the ball had tried that hard, maybe the Giants would not be a laughingstock right now.
  • Steve Smith: 10 catches to put him at 107 for the season, the first Giants receiver to crack the 100 mark in a single season. Only 57 yards, though? C'mon, Steve, how about you work on 'catch and run' instead of 'catch and collapse?'
  • Eli Manning: Again, this one is not because Eli was brilliant Sunday. He wasn't. This one is for surpassing 4,000 passing yards for the first time in his career. And for surviving some awful offensive line play.
  • DJ Ware and Ramses Barden: First career touchdown for Ware, and first career reception for Barden.
Wet Willies to ...
  • Bill Sheridan: The Giants finished a historically bad defensive season by surrendering more than 40 points for the fifth time. They surrendered 427 points, second-most in franchise history to the 501 surrendered in 1966. That was a 14-game season. The Giants need a bevy of changes on defense. Starting with a new coordinator.
  • The entire defense: Pitiful effort. Every player on that side of the football should be completely ashamed not only of Sunday's loss, but of the entire season of ineptitude.
  • Tom Coughlin: I love TC, and I have defended him a number of times. Carl Banks said repeatedly on the radio Sunday, that it was not Coughlin's fault that the Giants completely tanked the last two weeks. Yet, when a team basically quits the last two weeks of the season the head coach has to take a hit. TC talked about accountability last week, and he has to be held accountable when his team fails to give effort. Especially since it happened several times this season. Coughlin deserves to be back next season. But, the Giants have gone backwards for a year-and-a-half now. That trend needs to change.
  • Offensive line: Awful work by David Diehl, who was pretty much a sieve on the left side. Will Beatty struggled on the right side, too. And there was no push in the middle, either. Thank God Eli didn't get killed.

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