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Pro Bowl will be full day's work for Giants David Diehl

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David Diehl cannot be a happy camper this morning. See, Bryant McKinnie's disrespect of and dismissal from the Pro Bowl, means Diehl and and Philly's Jason Peters are the only tackles on the NFC roster.

So Diehl will be playing the entire game. At right tackle, where he lined up during Saturday's ridiculously silly walk-through. Unless, of course, one of the other linemen volunteers to take a few snaps at a completely unfamiliar position.

Diehl can't be thrilled about that. Nor, I would imagine, can anyone in the Giants organization.

  • Speaking of the Pro Bowl, you guys know I will be there tonight courtesy of the NFL Network Marketing Department. I will be posting an Open Thread tonight, and posting some updates with anything interesting or unusual during the game (Thank God for the Palm Pre provided by Sprint). By the way, for those of you shivering up north, the high Saturday was 81 degrees in Fort Lauderdale.
  • Don't think I mentioned it yesterday, but I did see one thing during Saturday's walk-through that made me laugh. Dallas QB Tony Romo actually threw an interception to Asante Samuel during the walk-through (how does that happen?), and the surprised Samuel quickly got rid of the ball, like it was a hot potato.
  • If you are looking for review of how specific players did in Saturday's Senior Bowl, the best one I have found is from Football's Future. The piece mentions several players who might end up being of interest to the Giants, including linebacker Sean Weatherspoon, offensive linemen Mike Iupati and Vladimir Ducasse, and defensive linemen Dan Williams and Terrence Cody.