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New York Giants News & Notes, 1/23/2010

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Good morning Giants fans. Slow news day week for the Giants, as all of the New York media is focused on the Jets AFC Championship Game tomorrow (and before I hear any grumbling, you can't blame them - I doubt there was much Jets news at this time two years ago).

The most interesting story involving the Giants are a pair of Super Bowl articles from Forbes magazine. One lists the 10 greatest plays in Super Bowl history. They don't specifically rank them, but I think you can guess which was the first play they mentioned (hint, look at the picture to the right).

The second article ranks the Super Bowl winners of the decade using a formula of regular season record, regular season net points, postseason net points, and Super Bowl margin of victory. The 2000 Ravens came out as the number one team (and here's where I make the obligatory: "but they canceled that Super Bowl!), and our beloved 2007 Giants came out as the worst Super Bowl winner of the decade. I honestly can't complain about the Giants ranking, they weren't a truly great team that year, but they won when it counted and came up with quite possibly the greatest upset in SB history (take that, Joe Namath). I do, however, disagree with ranking the 2002 Bucs over the 2004 Patriots - I know they just used a mathematical formula, but there's no way that Bucs team was better than the '04 Pats.

Not sure if any of our readers entered the contest, but BP has announced their "Ultimate Giants Fans" contest winners.

Finally, the New Orleans Times-Picayune profiles the matchup between two former Giants tight ends in the NFC Championship Game tomorrow. For all the hype that Shockey has generated over his career, he has actually been outproduced by two of his former back ups this season (Shiancoe & our own Kevin Boss). I'm hoping Shiancoe gets the better of him tomorrow.

That's all for now Giants fans, enjoy the games tomorrow.