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Late afternoon Giants notes: Stuff that couldn't wait

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I know, I know. I need to get a life. What the heck am I doing posting a New York Giants notebook late on a Friday afternoon?

Anyway, came across a few items I figured I would get out to you now. So, here goes.

  • Former Giants defensive line coach Mike Waufle has landed a job. I did not say he landed on his feet, but he is working again. Waufle is now defensive line coach for the Oakland Raiders.
  • Ex-Giant Reuben Droughns apparently needed a way to cope with the pain of no longer being an NFL player. At least, apparently he told police something like that when they arrested him for allegedly growing marijuana inside his house.
  • The surgery on Brandon Jacobs' knee apparently went well.
  • Bill Cowher has no idea where Jerome Bettis got the idea that Cowher wants to coach the Giants. The Chin says he has not spoken to Bettis in two years.