Deep Draft What Will Reese Do?

Because of the fear (or knowledge??) of the impending rookie salary cap a ton of underclassmen (but mainly juniors) are declaring for the draft. While the Giants have some definite needs, is it possible that the Giants will look to trade down from pick 15, preferring to pick up an extra 2nd round pick??

Check out the # of 5 star rated players in this years draft versus the last several, its an eye opener.

How's this for a potential move: The Giants trade the 15th pick for the 25th and 57th picks. Giving them the 25th, 47th and 57th.

Potential picks at those spots:

25th: Brandon Spikes, Dan Williams or Brian Price

47th: Terrence Cody, Bruce Campbell, Sean Witherspoon, Nate Allen

57th: Sean Lee, Arthur Jones, Chad Jones

Of course that has to be balanced by the possibility of getting Anthony Davis, Bryan Bulaga or Earl Thomas at 15.

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