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Ahmad Bradshaw: Two broken feet?

You have to give Ahmad Bradshaw all the props in the world for what he done this season. We have known most of the season that he has been playing with a broken bone in one foot, and with bad ankles.

Now, Bradshaw revealed to the Star Ledger's Jenny Vrentas that he believes he has broken bones in both feet.

My style of running, just being able to be elusive and get away from people, is kind of hard on broken feet."

Bradshaw said "feet" because he now suspects the same injury he has played through in his right foot — a cracked fifth metatarsal, the bone on the outside of the foot — has developed in his left foot as well.

He said he hasn’t gotten official word that is the case, but Bradshaw said he feels the same discomfort he has in his right foot on the left side, so he thinks "more than likely" he’ll find out the same bone has been fractured.

As he spoke about this most recent medical issue Thursday, Bradshaw chuckled — a good-natured reflection on a season when a guy who runs for a living has had to manage injuries in both ankles and both feet. After the season ends Sunday at Minnesota, Bradshaw will have surgery to put a screw in his right foot, as well as his left foot if the bone is in fact broken, and will also have irritating bone spurs removed from his right ankle.

"I really can’t blame (anything) on my injuries, because I still got out there and did it every week and played," Bradshaw said. "A lot of things could have been a lot easier, I could say, with better feet. But I just had to fight through it, and like I said, I can’t blame it on the injuries. But I feel it could have been a 10 times better year with better feet."

Amazing what AB has done on broken feet and bad ankles. I wonder, though, if he will ever be completely healthy. His jarring, hard-cutting style is as tough on his legs as it is on defenses.

Rushing Receiving
G Rush Yds Y/G Avg Lng TD Rec Yds Y/G Avg Lng TD
2009 - Ahmad Bradshaw 14 156 765 54.6 4.9 38 7 19 174 12.4 9.2 55 0