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Which assistants will Fewell keep?

With Perry Fewell in as defensive coordinator, you have to wonder which of the remaining New York Giants defensive assistants will be out.

You would have to think there will be a couple more changes in the coaching staff on that side of the ball. Let's look at who is left.

Jim Herrmann (LB) -- My pick is most likely to be the first remaining assistant let go. Herrmann, I believe, was brought in by the deposed Bill Sheridan. Last season was his first, and likely last, with the Giants. Kirk Olivadoitti, anyone?

Peter Guinta (CB/Secondary) -- Does Giunta even want to stay? The former St. Louis Rams defensive coordinator has been passed over for that job twice now by Tom Coughlin. He has been with the Giants for four seasons now, and is highly-regarded for his work with corner backs. I would say it's 50-50 on whether he stays or goes.

Dave Merritt (Safeties) -- Has, I think, the best shot at staying. Most of what I read and hear about Merritt is the Giants think he is an excellent coach who has been given crappy players to work with. He probably has the best chance of staying.

Al Holcomb (Defensive Quality Control) -- Can somebody please explain to me what a 'defensive quality control coach' does? And do we care if Holcomb stays or goes. Fewell probably puts an up-and-coming young coach he likes in this spot.

Your thoughts?