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Fewell officially Giants DC

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A long day of speculation has ended with Perry Fewell being named New York Giants defensive coordinator.

"I expect Perry to bring the same qualities that I expect from myself," said Tom] [Coughlin. "I want him to be firm, fair, honest and demanding. My expectation is that he will solidify and unify our defense and be an outstanding teacher. I want energy, enthusiasm, toughness and to make the necessary corrections and game adjustments. Perry is a teacher and a leader and I thought he did an outstanding job of displaying great leadership as the interim head coach of Buffalo this season."

Said Fewell, "I am ecstatic to come to work for the New York Giants. It's a good football team with good defensive players, and it is a franchise known for defense."

I will have more thoughts on Fewell in the morning. For now, take the poll. Good hire or bad?