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Cowher wants Giants?

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New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin was really hoping to get an answer today from Perry Fewell about the defensive coordinator job. What he didn't need is speculation about his own job.

That, though, is what he has courtesy of Jerome Bettis, who apparently told Chris Russo on Sirius Radio that Bill Cowher is waiting for TC's job.

"That’s the team that he really coveted," Bettis said. "This is where he always wanted to be. The Mara family, he’s been very close to them. … He’s known them very well and was on the inside track — before the Giants won the Super Bowl — for that job. And I think he’s holding out for that opportunity if it presents itself."

Bettis added that he believes that Cowher "is going to be with the Giants" eventually - - possibly as soon as next year.

"He would have definitely gotten the job (after the 2007 season, if the Giants hadn’t gone on a run)," Bettis said. "And if Coughlin doesn’t get that team back in the right direction next year I think they’ll pull the plug."

Here is the full transcript of Bettis' chat with Russo.

Whether you like Cowher or not, this is not something the Giants need hanging over their heads next season. Unfortunately, now it's what they have got.