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ESPN: Fewell to become Giants DC -- or, maybe he won't

[UPDATE No. 3 4:18 PM EST: OK, this is getting old. Now the newest reports have Fewell saying he is coming to New York. Me? I'm done with this whole mess until there is an official announcement.]

[UPDATE No. 2: 2:37 PM EST: Now Ralph Vacchiano is tweeting that Fewell may not make his decision until the weekend. Ugh! I need a drink. And somebody needs to cause Adam Schefter, who started this mess, some pain. ]

[UPDATE 1:51 PM EST: Uh oh! The Chicago Sun Times is reporting that Fewell has not yet made a decision. Also, via Twitter Mike Garafolo confirms that Fewell is talking to BOTH teams. So, this is not over yet.]

From ESPN:

Former Buffalo Bills interim coach Perry Fewell is planning to accept the New York Giants defensive coordinator position on Thursday, according to a league source.

As of late Thursday morning, Fewell hadn't notified Giants of his decision, but the Giants have been informed they can expect to land their man.

Via Twitter Mike Garafolo issued the following cautionary note.

Hang tight because they reported last wk he'd accept the Bears' job.

Stay tuned. I think I know how I will be spending the rest of the day.