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New York Giants notes: Coaching stuff

Mike Garafolo tore himself away from Twitter long enough this morning to post some excellent and informative thoughts on the New York Giants defensive coaching situation.

Among the highlights of MG's post:

  • Former defensive line coach Mike Waufle might have hastened his firing by pushing for a raise. If he did that, it was pretty poor timing considering the mood of the organization.
  • MG speculates that potential defensive coordinator candidates might be wondering how long Tom Coughlin will be the team's head coach.
  • He also wonders if Perry Fewell, rumored to be the leading DC candidate with both the Giants and Bears, might actually sit out a year since the Bills owe him a salary for 2010.
  • Finally, MG said it appears former Redskin assistants Jerry Gray and Kirk Olivadotti are on the Giants radar.

Speaking of Fewell, Windy City Gridiron tries to figure out whether the Giants or Bears has an edge when it comes to acquiring his services. Regardless, I have to agree with this report that strongly suggests both teams prepare a backup plan.

Giants wide receiver Steve Smith is looking for your support.