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New York Giants News & Notes: Still Waiting on a Defensive Coordinator

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  • Ralph Vacchiano says he is waiting for "puffs of white smoke," drawing a comparison between the wait for the Giants new defensive coordinator and the Catholic Church waiting for the election of a new Pope. Obviously, one of those is more significant than the other - I mean, no Pope has ever won a Super Bowl. In that article Ralph gives a breakdown of the recent developments with the different candidates, which really hasn't changed much in the past few days.
  • This was linked to yesterday in the FanPosts, but in case anyone doesn't check those out (and you really should, a lot of the stuff posted there is front-page quality), I will link to them here because they are humorous and Giants fans could use some humor these days: from the Onion, "Tom Coughlin Scores 2 TD's Against Giants D;" and from the Sports Pickle, "Cowboys Win Their Last Playoff Game for 57 Years."
  • This one is sure to cause some heated discussion: Josh Alper says the Giants should be the Jets biggest fans right now, because the Jets playoff run has kept the media heat off of the Giants for their dismal end to the season. Obviously Mr. Alper doesn't read Big Blue View, but his point is well taken.
  • File this under "strange news": Super Bowl XLII hero David Tyree will join former NFL player Willie Gault and current player Tim Dwight in a 60-Meter Dash at the Millrose Games this year.
  • ProFootballFocus selects its Pro Bowl teams, and the Giants are fairly well-represented, all things considered. Kareem McKenzie & Shaun O'Hara both make the team as starters. Chris Snee, Justin Tuck, and Kevin Boss are selected as reserves. Steve Smith just missed the cut at wide receiver (but luckily was ahead of DeSean Jackson). No mention of Eli Manning at QB, but considering the guys ahead of him, that's not too surprising. Overall, I can't complain too much about this list - it's better than the real Pro Bowl selections.
  • Finally, I've offered rooting etiquette for the past two weeks' Eagles-Cowboys games, so I might as well continue until the NFC East is officially dead and buried in 2009-10. Last week didn't go perfectly, but while watching the game with some Eagles fans I'd be lying if I said I wasn't deriving quite a bit of pleasure from the beating they took. This week, the rooting etiquette is very simply: suck it up and root like hell for Brett Favre to channel 1996 and kick the crap out of the Cowboys. We can worry about him next week, but priority numero uno is getting the Cowboys back to where they belong this time of year: Cabo.