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The defensive coordinator manhunt continues

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Hopefully you are using a pencil to keep track of your New York Giants defensive coordinator search scorecard. Things seem to change by the day.

  • Romeo Crennel? I know Jim posted last night that Romeo was signed, seal and delivered to Kansas City. The New York Post did not cite and sources on that, though, leading me to think it is still speculative. Arrowhead Pride thinks Romeo to the Chiefs is going to happen, but no official word from the KC organization or the Crennel camp that it HAS happened.
  • Perry Fewell? In a very solid breakdown late Monday night, Ralph Vacchiano blogs that it seems like Fewell could be Tom Coughlin's No. 1 choice, and that TC appears to be waiting for Fewell to choose between the Giants and the Chicago Bears.
  • Jim Haslett? In that same report, Vacchiano mentions that the Giants have touched base with Haslett. RV calls that a "longshot."
  • Mike Zimmer? True Blue reports that Cincinnati expects Zimmer to remain as their defensive coordinator.
  • Paul Pasqualoni? He was fired Monday as defensive coordinator in Miami. The former Syracuse head coach has connections with Coughlin from their days at Syracuse.
  • Pepper Johnson? No indication from anywhere that the Giants have yet reached out to the New England defensive line coach -- the overwhelming choice among folks here at BBV.
  • Dick Jauron? Same as Johnson. I can't find any reports to show that the Giants have contacted Coughlin's former defensive coordinator in Jacksonville.

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