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Giants News (Sort Of): Romeo Crennel joins Chiefs

Cross one candidate off the list. Former Browns head coach and Giants assistant Romeo Crennel has agreed to join the Kansas City Chiefs as their Defensive Coordinator.

The NY Post reports: (click link for full story)

One-time Giants assistant and former Browns head coach Romeo Crennel will not be the new Giants defensive coordinator. Crennel has been hired to run the Chiefs defense.

Crenell never interviewed with Tom Coughlin but the Giants did express some interest.

To me this is not the worst news in the world, the thought of Crennel as DC wasn't all that exciting to me.

Paul Schwartz also talks about another interesting possibility:

Mike Zimmer. His contract will soon expire with the Bengals. Zimmer successfully ran the defenses for the Cowboys and Falcons and did a solid job this season in Cincinnati. Zimmer may attract some interest around the league as a potential head-coaching candidate.

This will be a long process, just one less person to interview is all.