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New York Giants notes: Coaches expecting the ax?

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Bill Sheridan
via Bill Sheridan

Maybe Bill Sheridan is just as delusional as Osi Umenyiora.

Seems that despite reports already floating around that several New York Giants coaches expect to be dismissed following Sunday's season finale, Sheridan told reporters Thursday he was "not concerned" about losing his job.

I guess that is what you would expect someone in Sheridan's spot to say. In all honesty, why wouldn't he want another opportunity? I think, though, that Giants fans will get a laugh out of his response when Sheridan was asked why Tom Coughlin should keep him.

"The same reason why he gave me the job, because he thinks I am competent and do a conscientious, diligent job. That’s what I told him when I interviewed for it before. I said, ‘To me, the most important thing is competence, that you put your players, give them a plan on a weekly basis that would put them in the best position to defend and beat your opponent.’ That’s the same reason why. That’s why he gave me the job, and if he’s evaluated that, it’s still competent in that area. That’s what I would tell him," Sheridan said.

I think Giants fans might not agree that Sheridan has consistently put players "in the best position to defend." I think we are back to that "look in the mirror" thing we talked about Thursday in reference to Umenyiora.

Coughlin, incidentally, addressed the topic of self evaluation Thursday. He might have been talking about Umenyiora, Sheridan or several other Giants when he said this:

"It is difficult sometimes for an individual to look at himself and be totally objective. I think most of the people that are on this team are pretty good at that. And we don’t pull any punches when we talk about the pluses, the minuses and that kind of thing. Guys understand."

Back to Sheridan for just a second. He was, of course, asked about Umenyiora Thursday. I don't know if Sheridan was just trying to make nice with the disgruntled defensive end, or if he truly believes this, but here is what he said about Osi's status.

"I don’t think he slipped at all. He is more than capable of being a full-time player. With the depth that we have had going in at the defensive line, it was already predetermined that we were going to be rotating guys and no one was going to be playing more than 30 or 40 snaps a game. So I know in the latter part of the season his reps have fallen off, but in no way, shape or form is that a reflection on his ability or his performance," Sheridan said. "Osi hasn’t slipped in any way, shape or form. He is an excellent football player."

When the Giants added quarterback Rhett Bomar and safety Sha'reef Rashad to the 53-man roster Wedneday they signed each player to two-year contracts. That would seem to be a pretty good indication that both players are in the team's 2010 plans.

Fred Robbins is a free agent after Sunday and said in his blog this week that "I haven't given any thought to where I'm going to play next year." Fred-O, my man, you can be pretty sure it won't be with the Giants.

Offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride was also available to the media Thursday, and he said re-energizing the running game will be a high priority for 2010.

"Not that we are where we need to be with the passing game; we can still be a lot better. There are some things, as I have said every week, they do some spectacular things. But, right now from a coaching standpoint there is a lot of room for improvement in a lot of different areas. The good thing was there was steady improvement. As long as we don’t fall back and we go basically from where we left off this year, you feel good about it. Hey, we are headed in the right direction and we should continue to get better. If we do, we will have a chance to be pretty special," Gilbride said.

"But, the running game did fall off and that was really disappointing. In particular it was not as good with our base stuff. In the past that was what we started with and we built off of that. This year, we didn’t. Our running game didn’t really kick in until the passing game got going. Once they started to defend the pass, then we were able to run the ball more effectively. Not that there is anything wrong with that approach, but that has not been what we have been able to do. That has not been our approach. So, for us to have to do that is disappointing. You would love to see us get back to where we feel as good about the running game as we have in the past."