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Redskins DT Albert Haynesworth, 09.09.09

Q:  Welcome to the NFC East.  When you play the Giants on Sunday do you expect to be doubled-teamed or tripled-teamed?

A:  I don’t really know.  Probably double-teamed, I guess.  …….doubled a lot. 

Q:  How do you feel about moving to such a physical division as the NFC East?  Do you feel it will be a big change from being in the AFC South or do you expect the same type of things?

A:  It is all football and we all played different teams being there.  So I don’t expect too much of a difference from when I played with the Titans.  We still played Jacksonville and Houston and other teams that ran the ball a lot.

Q:  Speaking of running the ball, what is the challenge against Jacobs of the Giants?

A:  The challenge?  You just have to tackle him – that’s it, pretty much.  There are no secrets or anything like that.  You just have to hit him and wear him out.  Just hit him as much as you possibly can.

Q:  Your signing with the Redskins – a lot of people think that could be like the real missing ingredient for that team.  How do you see that and what impact you can make on that defense?

A:  I’m not sure.  I just came in here to do my job.  I can’t sit here and say we will win every game or whatever.  But what I can just promise is that I can do my job and I’m pretty good at what I do.  So just expect me to play my game and play how I play.  And that is about it.  That is all that I can promise. ………

Q:  You used the phrase, ‘pretty good.’  Sporting News ranked you the sixth player overall in the entire League and the best defensive player.  Is that about right?

A:  I think I’m OK.  I think I could get better. 

Q:  When you look at the Giants’ offensive line what do you see?

A:  I see a unit that works well together.  You can tell they’ve had some years together and kind of know what each other wants to do and stuff like that.  I see a good unit upfront.

Q:  Shaun O’Hara, the center, made the Pro Bowl for the first time last year.  Does he look like a Pro Bowl player to you?

A:  I guess so.  They all move well.  They all play well together.  They all bring each other up.  So that is a good thing.

Q:  You had a few offers as a free agent.  Did the Giants come after you seriously?

A:  I guess they did.  They called my agent and I had money on the table. 

Q:  How much money did they have on the table?

A:  A lot.

Q:  Not as much as the Redskins, huh?

A:  Not quite as much, but not too far away.

Q: With all of the uncertainly that the Giants seem to have in the passing game, their receiving game, do you feel like if you can stop their running attack that you will be doing pretty well this Sunday?

A:  Whenever you have a Manning behind center you always have to worry about them.  They can put the ball anywhere.  So you want to make them somewhat one-dimensional.  But one-dimensional is still dangerous.  Even if you can’t take away from their run they still have him back there.  So either way you just have to play a mistake-free football game. 

Q:  Are the Redskins using you solely as a defensive tackle or are you moving around a bit?

A:  Exclusively, I’m pretty much a D-tackle.  I’ve played end before, but I’m playing mostly defensive tackle.

Q:  A couple of years ago after a suspension you took anger management courses.  What did they teach you and how did that change you?

A:  I don’t think they really taught me anything.  I think it was all for you guys – the anger management. 

Q:  Is anger a useable tool for a defensive lineman?

A:  It works for me.

Q:  How has the change in organizations been?  Is it a different feel – having a different coach – moving from Coach Fisher to Coach Zorn?  How has that been for you?

A:  It has been fine.  It is just that they are different.  -  it’s not really their … or anything – it is getting used to the playbook and the schedule and the way practices are and things like that.  But as far as everything else, everything has been great.  It is a better feel here than in Tennessee, I think, as far as like the upper management being here and being at practice and you being able to go up and talk to them.  I only saw Bud Adams maybe three or four times a year at the max.  And I see Mr. Snyder almost any day.  I can go into his office and talk to him if I want to.  So that is different and as far as coaches, you can go in and talk to them.  I guess you can talk to them and you don’t feel like that everything will be broadcast anywhere or even given to you guys  - the media.

Q:  When you were in Tennessee you were one of the leaders of the team. Is it possible to go to a new team and suddenly be a leader right away?\

A:  Well, I don’t know about me being a leader.  All I want to do is just do my job.  As long as I did my job, I was fine.  If guys ask me different questions or whatever, then I would tell them.  But as far as being a ‘rah-rah’ guy and standing up in front of the team and talking and stuff like that, that is not me and you will never see me do that.  But if any guys have any questions or anything like that that I feel like could answer, then I will definitely ……

Q:  Is there any chance that the big contact will put you in cruise control; that you will be complacent?

A:  Well, I don’t think so because it’s not really about money – I made a lot of money in the last year at Tennessee.  I know you all would know – being in New York and DC – how these taxes would kill you.  So I feel like I probably made more in Tennessee than I did here right now. 

Q:  Is Renaldo Wynn still on your team?

A:  Yeah. 

Q:  How is he doing?

A:  He is doing good.  I think he is going to be a nice change up for us and get up there and rush well.