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Land of the Giants: Season Preview Edition

Well folks, we're finally in the home stretch. No more preseason games between us and the Giants 2009 season. Everyone and their mother is predicting how the season will go this year, and the Giants are on everyone's short list of contending teams. Here's some of what has been written:

  • has a comprehensive preview of the Giants. 7 of their 14 NFL writers picked the Giants to win the East, with 5 picking the Eagles and 2 picking the Cowboys, so technically the Giants are the "staff consensus" to win the division. Also from ESPN are the end of preseason power rankings, with the Giants sitting at #3.
  • This is a few weeks old, but I don't remember reading it and don't think it's been linked to yet, so I'll share it with you: Football Outsiders (by way of previews rising and falling stars on the Giants. Football Outsiders are amongst the best in the business, and this article just goes to show you why - rather than pick out the same tired refrain (wide receivers, blah blah blah), they highlight the offensive line as an area of concern, mostly because they don't think it's likely all five guys will stay healthy this year. They also highlight Corey Webster as a player on the rise, and Danny Ware as someone to watch out for.
  • The New York Post chimes in with their Giants season preview. They have the G-Men going 11-5 but losing the NFC Championship game to the Falcons. The Post also has an article bringing some perspective to the wide receiver debate. It's pretty much what we've been saying here for months. Luckily we're only a few days away from finding out if we're right and putting this seemingly endless debate to bed.
  • The Sporting News also has an NFC East preview, and they also pick the Giants to win the East.
  • Jeff Heisner, a sports anchor for Phoenix's ABC affiliate, chimes in with his 10 most overrated and underrated players in the NFL. I share this because he has Brandon Jacobs as the most underrated player in the league, and because he has Tony Romo as the most overrated. Good stuff.
  • Finally, two good pieces from the Daily News: one by Ralph Vacchiano on Hakeem Nicks, the other by MMike Lupica on Tom Coughlin. I particularly enjoyed Vacchiano's report that David Carr compared Nicks to his former teammate Andre Johnson of the Texans. If Nicks is even half the receiver Johnson is, the Giants are in great shape for the next few years.