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Land of the Giants: Some old-fashioned espionage?

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Memo to former New York Giants practice squader Andre Woodson: Be a good boy and don't give away any family secrets.

Yeah, I know Woodson is now technically part of the Washington Redskins' family. But, everyone knows the Redskins -- who play the Giants Sunday -- did not add Woodson to their practice squad because of his brilliant pre-season play. The Giants know it, too. Even if the Redskins say the notion of signing Woodson for his insights on the Giants is silly.

Here is Giants' coach Tom Coughlin on the Woodson situation. (Full transcript)

" ‘Why is he in Washington right now?’ That’s pretty obvious why he is there. We’ll see. There is no question that is what is going on, but hopefully – well, we’ll see what transpires. It works both ways a little bit."

Quarterback Eli Manning isn't fretting over the possibility Woodson will give away a few secrets.

We still have our offense. It stills comes down to going out there and executing. They don’t know what plays we are calling. So we just have to go out there out and play well and obviously he doesn’t know the game plan for this week. So I’m not real worried about it.

Here is David Carr's take.

''We'll see how Woody handles it,'' Carr said. ''I'm sure he'll handle it the right way. We'll find out early on if they know what is going on. I'm sure we'll have a plan. We're not going in there without having an answer for them knowing any of our checks, because we do do a lot of that stuff.''

  • PRACTICE SQUAD COMPLETED: Fullback Nehemiah Broughton and tight end Kareem Brown have been signed to complete the eight-man practice squad. Broughton, 6-foot-5, 260 pounds, was waived Saturday by the Minnesota Vikings. He spent the entire 2008 season on the Washington Redskins’ practice squad. Brown was waived Saturday by the Jets. He was a fourth-round pick by the New England Patriots in 2007.
  • CANTY OPTIMISTIC: Defensive tackle Chris Canty is practicing again after missing about a month with a hamstring injury. He hopes to play Sunday.

"I’m ready to roll. I’m ready to hit somebody," Canty said. "I haven’t missed a regular season football game since I came into the League. One of the things that is very, very important to me is being out there on the field; being out there with my teammates and participating and competing and helping this football team have an opportunity to be successful. And that is what they brought me here for and that is what I plan on doing."

Canty knows the time he missed leaves him at a disadvantage.

"Absolutely I’m behind. You think about missing 20-some odd practices, of course you are going to be behind. But the opportunities were there for me to watch film and study other guys and try to learn from other guys’ mistakes, try to learn from other guys’ successes. And try to improve my game mentally from a mental aspect and try to get the hang of things that way; try not to waste any time."

"People like to compare teams to the Super Bowl team (in 2007) and the team that won 12 games last year," Reese told the Daily News. "This team has a chance to be better than those two teams."

All I can add to that is that I hope Reese is right. If he is, this season will be a lot of fun.