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Tom Coughlin, 09.07.09

Q:  Was Antonio excused?

A:  That is what the man said. wasn’t it.

Q:  Yes.

A:  OK, that’s what it was.  Yes, he was.

Q:  Details?

A:  That will remain with me.

Q:  Will he be back tomorrow?

A:  I would expect him back tomorrow.

Q:  Wednesday, I guess.

A:  Yes, certainly.

Q:  How is Chris Canty doing?  He looked like he was active in individuals.

A:  Yes.  He seems to be doing better.  We will see how it goes along.

Q:  He has missed so much practice time, is the opener out of the question for him?

A:  As I said, we will see; we will see how he does.

Q:  Did Cofield tweak his knee a little bit early in practice?

A:  I think he just came over and – whatever it was he went right back in.  It wasn’t a tweak, no.

Q:  I know nothing is for certain, but how likely is it that this will be your roster against the Redskins?

A:  We’ll see. This is our roster today; at this moment and going forward, that is what we are going to plan with, but you never know.

Q:  How is Aaron Ross doing?

A:  We’ll see as the week goes on. We are optimistic.

Q:  When you have a punter like Feagles who uses that directional approach, does that make you feel like you have more control?  And also, is it kind of impressive that he can do that when not many guys in the League can?

A:  Right.  It is a rare talent.  And of course we are a directional punt team and a field-position-conscious special teams outfit.  And he does a very good job of that.  And I think the other night in the final preseason game he got himself in the game tempo and game readiness.

Q:  Is that directional punting approach something that teams should use these days with so many returners that are ---

A:  That is up to each individual team.

Q:  Is there a different feeling today now that the roster has been cut down and the regular season is starting?

A:  Sure, it is exciting; it is exciting.  It’s a whole different thing.  You start into this – the National Football League, the opening game, the excitement of the opening game.  I always tell the players that you have to maintain this kind of enthusiasm over the course of the 16-game season.  But it is an exciting time, without a doubt.  And we are just getting into it.  When we come back on Wednesday it will be really --- the tempo will be up and everybody will be excited.  This was a day in which they had two days off.  And I really felt we really needed to get in here and have a practice – be it a short one.  But just get everybody together and get some of the organizational things out in terms of full time scout squad and things of that nature where you do have to come off the ball and do a decent job of that.  And understand the roster and how the numbers work and the fact that everybody has to contribute; everybody is a part of the scout squad at one time or another.

Q:  You talked about Hagan in the press release the other day – special teams.  I saw he made a tackle against the Patriots on the kickoff.  What else has he done on special teams that has been encouraging this preseason?

A:  He is a fine special teams player.  His attitude is great.  He wants to be on it.  He plays on all of the big teams.  He can cover as a gunner.  He can be involved in the punt return game – of course kickoff and kickoff return.  So he likes it.  It is an important thing.  He realizes how important it is for him to stand out in that area.  And so, yeah, he is going to be a factor for us.

Q:  …the last couple of years.  Had he done that before this year – special teams? 

A:  He has been on special teams, yeah, in his career.


Q:  With so many guys either working their way back from an injury or nicked up a little bit along your defensive line, do you have to do things differently with your rotation earlier in the season than maybe you planned?


A:  We will see.  I’m not commenting on anything.  We had those two guys that missed a great part.  They were in the last part of the training camp so they are in there. 

Q:  They are full speed; they can go as much as you need them to go?

A:  They are in there.  They are full speed.  The other guys are coming along.  It is day to day.


Q:  It is really only Canty now?

A:  We will see how he does.  There is no sense in jumping to conclusions.  It is going to be based on how he performs in practice.

Q:  Is there ever a concern where a player like Andre Woodson is with you one week and the next week he is on your opponent’s roster?  Is there ever any concern with what he could reveal scheme-wise?

A:  Do you mean: ‘why is he in Washington right now?’  That’s pretty obvious why he is there.  We’ll see.  There is no question that is what is going on, but hopefully – well, we’ll see what transpires.  It works both ways a little bit.

Q:  He knows a lot about….

A:  Well, enough comments.

Q:  You really haven’t done that, have you?  Teams do that.  I don’t remember you bringing in guys from a team the week before you play them?

A:  I have been a part of it.  I have seen it done.  A guy doesn’t get in the door two seconds – he is in the classroom and being drilled.  But not of late, no, not of late.

Q:  How much can you really get out of it?

A:  You would be surprised.

Q:  Do you have to change all of your audible calls?

A:  I’m sure we will have to change some.