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New York Giants Cuts: UPDATED Tyree, Evans, Matthews, Wright, Rashad, Woodson, Ingram, Bomar, Thompson, cut

Last year, on the day of final cuts, when the first victims were announced, I posted them on Big Blue View, and wound up sitting in front of the computer all day long as the cuts just kept flowing in.

So here we go again.

We'll leave this thread up all day, and I'll just post the cuts here as the day goes on. If there are any big names cut around the NFL, I will post them here as well.

Beware "The Turk"!

UPDATE:10:30 First cut is in guys, and as we all suspected, its David Tyree. Thanks for the greatest memory David

UPDATE: 10:45 S Sha'reff Rashad cut, may go to the practice squad

UPDATE: 10:50 DE Maurice Evans cut, this one is a surprise

UPDATE: 11:22: Andre Woodson cut, Vacchiano reporting Giants may only carry 2 QB's

UPDATE: 11:25 Michael Matthews and CB DeAndre Wright have been cut

UPDATE: 11:38: DE Robert Henderson has been cut

UPDATE: 11:52: LB Kenny Ingram has been waived, probably to go to the practice squad

UPDATE: 12:00: Ralph Vacchiano and MIke Garafolo are reporting Bomar has been cut, and will go to the practice squad if he clears waivers

UPDATE: 12:00 OL Orrin Thompson is reporting his own cut on his Facebook page. "Cut like a Thanksgiving turkey"

UPDATE: 12:02 S Travonti Johnson has been cut

UPDATE: 12:13 S Vince Anderson waived

UPDATE: 12:40 DT's Jeremy Clark and Antonio Bryant have been cut

UPDATE: 12:41 WR Shaun Bodiford has been cut

UPDATE: 1:50 PM: DL Tommie Hill , FB Dwayne Wright, OL Terrance Pennington have been cut. At least Hill will always have the amazing preseason play to remember.

UPDATE: 2:39 PM RB Allen Patrick has been cut