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What is the deal with Brandon Jacobs?

Are the New York Giants hiding something when it comes to running back Brandon Jacobs? The big fella is averaging just 3.3 yards per carry through three games this season after averaging 4.9 yards in each of the past two seasons.

There have been lots of questions about Jacobs this week, especially after FOX commentator Tony Siragusa Sunday repeatedly said he didn't think Jacobs was running downhill enough -- meaning, not hard enough.

Here is an exchange between coach Tom Coughlin and reporters about Jacobs today.

Q: Have you noticed anything different in Jacobs this year, why he hasn’t been able to get going the way he would like to be going right now?

A: Not that I would talk about in here, no.

That answer -- "not that I would talk about" -- leads me to think there is something the Giants don't want to say. And that more questions need to be asked.