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Land of the Giants: Power Rankings, Power Football, and Kenny Phillips' Future

  • Despite John Clayton apparently demanding literal perfection from the Giants, they've fared pretty well in this weeks round of power rankings. ESPN has them third while both CBS and Fox have them at #1. I think when looking at recent success (Super Bowl, followed by home field advantage last year) plus on-field success so far, I don't really understand how anyone can rank the Giants any lower than 3rd, if not 1st. I know Tampa's pretty awful, but the Giants didn't just beat them, they dominated them start to finish. It was like watching a 1-A team play a 1-AA team in college (Michigan excluded). That's gotta count for something, no?
  • George Willis of the New York Post talks about the Giants brand of smashmouth football
  • Ralph Vachianno writes about the Giants ability to move the ball on the ground and through the air:

Don't laugh, because the Giants' performance through the first three weeks - including their 24-0 win in Tampa on Sunday - probably has a few defensive coordinators scurrying back to the drawing board. The Giants (3-0) clearly aren't the one-dimensional, ground-based team so many thought they'd be coming out of training camp. Nor are they the one-dimensional, pass-happy team they looked like at times the first two weeks.

What they are is a dangerous, versatile offense willing to play whatever style is necessary. They're capable of doing whatever it takes to win.