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Summarizing Coughlin's presser

As he always does the day after games, New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin spoke to the media Monday afternoon.

Here are some of the highlights.

"Coming out of Dallas ... we needed to be able to stop the run and run the ball," Coughlin said. "And that is what started this week as we prepared and that is what we accomplished last night. I was pleased with that."

  • Coughlin said injured cornerbacks Aaron Ross and Kevin Dockery would return to practice this week.
  • Lawrence Tynes job is safe despite Sunday's 21-yard miss.
  • Coughlin seemed impressed by the little bit he saw of Gartrell Johnson, who he said "looks a lot quicker, at least to me, than his time speed."
  • TC disagreed with commentator Tony Siragusa's claims that Brandon Jacobs was not running hard enough.
  • Coughlin said rookie tackle William Beatty "did a pretty good job assignment-wise" Sunday in his first extended action.