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Rouse hopes to contribute quickly


The newest New York Giant, safety Aaron Rouse, is looking forward to how he can help his new team and not backward at what happened with his old one, the Green Bay Packers.

"When it happened, of course, I was surprised, but I wasn’t trying to find answers. Immediately my focus went forward, to continue to play in the NFL and the Giants were right there. Now my focus is here and getting the win down in Tampa and continue winning," Rouse said. "I am looking to contribute what I can. Come in and get on the same page as the other players out there. Making sure that we are all on the same level. Anytime you come into a team where the season has already started, you are going to be a step behind, but the coaches and the team are doing a great job of making me feel welcome. Again, I have a lot of meetings and I have to put in a lot of hours."

Rouse thinks he can learn enough to make a contribution Sunday against Tampa Bay.

"You know the defense is pretty much the same, it’s the terminology that is totally different. You have to get used to terminology and when you figure out things, oh yeah that is the same, but we called it something different. So you just have to get the terminology down and get ready for the coverage," Rouse said. "I have to put in a lot of hours with the coach. I am a great studier, I learn fast, I learn on the job very quickly, but my main focus is making sure I do what is asked of me and contribute where I can."

  • KENNY PHILLIPS STUFF: KP's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, is doing his best to diffuse the talk that Phillips injury is career-threatening. this is what Rosenhaus said via Twitter. "After discussing Kenny Phillips' medical situation with several specialists, I'm pleased to say that the future prognosis is very positive! ... Furthermore, this injury will NOT have a significant impact on Kenny's NFL career. All the negative speculation is off base and unfounded." Nice try, Drew. But we know your job is to help your client. Giants coach Tom Coughlin is also convinced Phillips will be back next season. "I am, yeah. First of all, what we have done is in the best interest of the player and the New York Giants because we feel like this young man has an outstanding future.
  • A reader e-mailed the other day to ask about defensive end Maurice Evans, who was waived by the Giants at the end of camp. Evans was picked up by Tampa Bay, then released. He was added to the Carolina Panthers' practice squad on Wednesday.
  • RealClearSports, which aggregates the various power rankings from the mainstream media outlets, ranks the Giants as the league's best team.
  • NOTE: Want to know a little bit more about yours truly? Check out ESPN's 'Blog Huddle' today, where I am lucky enough to be this week's featured SB Nation blogger.
  • The stats below show how the Giants rank after two games. They are, to say the least, very un-Giants like.

Team Stats - Game Averages

Pts Yrds Pass Rush
Off 28.0 389.0 (6th) 289.0 (5th) 100.0 (22nd)
Def 24.0 325.0 (16th) 157.0 (4th) 168.0 (27th-T)