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Defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan, 09.24.09

[NOTE: Sheridan spoke to reporters before the announcement of Kenny Phillips being placed on Injured Reserve was officially made.

Q. Looking at the game film last week what can you guys do better to help stop the run against Tampa?

A. Well, first of all, set it up more correctly on the front seven up at the line of scrimmage so we can break the line cleanly. Then secondarily everyone that does do that needs to corral it better with the back end guys. That was the two main problems we had. There were some cracks in the front seven and the ball got out into the secondary and even when it did the ball escaped the leverage from the secondary guys which is why they had some exceptionally long runs.

Q. It would appear that today at 4 o’clock it’s expected there will be some type of move. Given how well he has played for you how difficult would that be to deal with that?

A. Again it’s like losing any other starter. It would be no different than any other starter being out for any amount of time. It’s always a loss. It’s part of the game and obviously we have had a bit of it this preseason. Whatever happens with losing any of our guys is going to be a loss.

Q. Its one thing to lose a bunch of guys in November or December, does that make it any different?

A. You know really the way we go about both as a staff and amongst our players, and you know maybe as trite as it sounds, its so matter of fact, you go on, you move on, there is nothing to dwell about, you are too busy getting ready for the next practice or the next game and getting the lineup set the way you need to. It’s always difficult but the way we perceive it is it’s just matter of fact, playing to the next and moving on.

Q. I know we are dealing with a lot of if’s here can you get somebody up to speed by Sunday?

A. Yeah, sure, they are not going to ask them to come in and play the whole game and that sort of stuff.  But sure there is so much carryover from team to team and the kind of defenses that are played. I mean everybody plays two deep and three deep and man coverage and that type of stuff. So yeah you can get them up to snuff very quickly

Q. Is it tough to emulate Kenny’s production with whoever you play there?

A. Absolutely sure. That is why he is Kenny but we always talk about that we have position expectations not player expectations. So whatever guy is playing whatever position we expect a certain thing out of them, regardless of who they are.