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Touring the Nation: What's going on around here?

We haven't checked in with the other fine NFL blogs around these parts lately, so let's go 'Touring the Nation' and see what is being talked about.

So let me make it official. I am no longer cautiously optimistic. To hell with all of that. I am returning to my normal state of Who Dat fandemonium where I'm most needed and where none of my thinking is rational. Don't believe me? Check out the new tagline. I am confident that this is the year the Saints will win it all because, well, why not us?
  • Arrowhead Pride is asking its readers if trading for Matt Cassel was a mistake. After all, the Kansas City chiefs could simply have drafted Mark Sanchez. In the end, AP concludes that it is way too early to make that judgment.
Cassel shouldn't have to prove that he's better or worse than Mark Sanchez, just as Eli Manning shouldn't have had to prove he's better or worse than Ben Roethlisberger. If Sanchez turns out to be a better quarterback statistically, but Cassel leads the Chiefs to the Super Bowl, then who really cares who the better of the two is?

Matt Cassel is the Chiefs' quarterback, not Mark Sanchez. For some of you, that might be hard to deal with, but Cassel deserves a fair shake to prove OVER TIME that he was the right guy for the job. That means he needs leeway to make mistakes and he needs time to prove he's learned from those mistakes. And even if he isn't the better of the two, he deserves a fair shake to prove OVER TIME that he can take this team to the top.

Matt Cassel doesn't have to be the better quarterback of the two. He just needs to be the right quarterback for the Chiefs.

  • Dawgs by Nature is already tiring of Eric Mangini's act in Cleveland.
If you weren't getting irritated every time the cameras flashed to Mangini yesterday with his hands folded, his mouth chewing gum, and his hat slowly turning C.C. Sabathia style as the game progressed with no signs of life on the offensive side of the ball, then I don't know how you held it all in.
I can live with expectations being low, but I can't stand for seeing an offensive gameplan that wasn't even creative enough to be drawn up in the sand. Who is next? Oh, that's right -- the Baltimore Ravens. That should be fun.