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Plaxico Burress heads to prison

Plaxico Burress today began serving his prison sentence for criminal possession of a weapon.

Arthur Staple of Newsday has the details.

Plaxico Burress bid a tearful goodbye to his family and apologized to football fans in a Manhattan courtroom before being taken to prison today.

Burress, the former Giants wide receiver, began serving his two-year sentence for criminal possession of a weapon immediately after the hearing, a sentence agreed to in a plea deal Aug. 20. He will likely serve at least 20 months and be eligible for release in May of 2011.

Though his address to the court could not be heard by the gallery, Ben Brafman, Burress' lawyer, repeated what Burress said after his client was taken to jail.

"He apologized to his family -- to his wife, to his son and to his unborn daughter -- and thanked them for their support," Brafman said. "He apologized to the fans and thanked them for their prayers and their support. He said, and I quote, 'We will all get through this.' "

All I can say at this point is that I hope Burress comes out of prison a better person than when he went in.