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Justin Tuck rips 'bush league' Adams

New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck was not shy about expressing his unhappiness with Dallas offensive tackle Flozell Adams after Tuck was injured Sunday night when Adams tripped him.

Ralph Vacchiano has Tuck's tirade.

Justin Tuck’s injured left shoulder was still hurting after last night’s game. And he absolutely blamed Cowboys left tackle Flozell Adams for what he called a “bush league” play.

Tuck hurt his shoulder in the first half of the Giants’ 33-31 win when he appeared to beat Adams with an inside move and the tackle stuck out his right leg and tripped him. At first it appeared that Tuck injured his right knee - - which is where Adams’ kick hit him. But Tuck actually fell awkwardly on his left shoulder and hurt it bad enough that he left Cowboys Stadium wearing a sling.

“I think it was bush league,” Tuck said when asked what he thought of the play. “He did it a few times in that game. Unfortunately he didn’t get called the other times.”

Asked if he wanted to see Adams punished, Tuck said “I would’ve liked to have the rest of the game to punish him for that, but it didn’t happen.”

Tuck said Adams is known around the league for that “bush league” maneuver. “He’s athletic so he can make it look like an accident. But when it happens to you over and over again …”

The Giants come out OK here. They won, and Tuck should play next week. Adams, though, deserves some punishment from the NFL. There's no way that was an accident, especially since he tried to do it to Osi Umenyiora later in the game.