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Are you on this list?

The folks from have put together a great list I have to share with you. It's 'the worst types of football fans.'

I am particularly fond of the following two items on the list.

6. Cowboys Fans: We don't need a reason. We just can't stand 'em.

1. The I'm-so-drunk-I'm-going-to-topple-out-of-my-row fan: It's football. Beer is as integral to the sport as helmets, cleats and cheerleaders. Just don't go too far and get flagged for Alcoholic Interference

Also: those with small bladders? Sit on the aisles, please.

OK, folks. Read the list and go ahead and add a few of your own. Just keep it clean, please! By the way, if you recognize yourself on the list try to take the hint.