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Land of the Giants: Osi Free Zone

Most of the stories surrounding the Giants yesterday and today have been about Osi's absence from practice, but I've cut through the chaff to find some non-Osi related stories for your reading pleasure.

  • David Tyree is preparing for what may be his "final hurrah" as a New York Giant in this weekend's final preseason game. Appropriately, it's against none other than the New England Patriots. Also mentioned in the article is that Michael Boley has been taken off the P.U.P. list and will finally be able to start practicing.
  • Another one from Ralph Vachianno, about Hakeem Nicks' big night against the Jets. I've gotta say, I finally watched the highlights from that game, and Nicks looked fantastic. Also, there was a lot of hand wringing here and elsewhere about the Giants performance, but if that were a regular season game they probably would have just kicked the extra point to tie it at 20, and then kicked another extra point to tie it at 27, and the game would have gone to OT. It's not like they got blown out. They'll be fine, preseason results are beyond meaningless.
  • Matt Mosley analyzes the backup QB situation for each of the NFC East teams. He also ranks them in another post, but since he doesn't really say anything new I'll just tell you that he has David Carr as the worst backup in the East. I don't have a huge problem ranking Vick and Kitna ahead of him, since both have been more or less successful starters in the league in the recent past, but Todd Collins is a career backup who had a nice 4-week stretch two years ago, and that's it. No way is he a better QB than Carr. Jeremy Green, of Scouts Inc., agrees with me, and has Carr rated as the 14th best backup in the NFL. By the way, knock on wood that we never have to find out how good Carr really is.
  • Also from ESPN, Tuesday Morning Quarterback previews the NFC, though his preview for the Giants doesn't really talk much about football at all. He is impressed with our offensive line, which if you're a regular reader of TMQ you'll know is his favorite part of a football team. I generally enjoy TMQ and his somewhat random ramblings, but I hate how he calls the Jets and the Giants Jersey/A and Jersey/B, but doesn't make any such reference to the Maryland Redskins.
  • Finally, Stephen Baker is being awarded the Giants Alumni Man of the Year Award. Baker was one of my favorite players when I was younger, mostly because of his awesome nickname, and it's great to hear he's doing well, and doing good things. He's currently a full-time substitute teacher in Perth Amboy. I've gotta say, I'm a little jealous of the kids at that school - my substitute teachers were usually cranky old nuns, and they get the Touchdown Maker.