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Osi makes amends, says he was 'stupid'

Osi Umenyiora said all the right things to reporters Tuesday when he returned to practice.

"It was so stupid and trivial for me to do that," Umenyiora said during a session with reporters after practice on Tuesday. "Sometimes when you get emotional, things happen like that. Everything's okay. ... The issue was so trivial. It was nothing that should have escalated to that point. I was the one who made it go that route. I was happy the way everything got resolved."

Umenyiora was asked if it was fair to characterize the incident as a "disagreement" between himself and Sheridan.

"I wouldn't think so because I don't think it was even that extreme to call it a disagreement. It was very minuscule and when I think about it, I can't believe I acted that way," he said. "That's so uncharacteristic of me. I just did it. I'm sorry for it. I apologized and hopefully we'll move on from there."

Umenyiora said he was most surprised at himself when he returned to the facility to meet with coach Tom Coughlin, Sheridan and defensive line coach Mike Waufle.

"When I came back and I actually thought about what was going to happen -- the repercussions for doing something like that -- that's when I was really surprised because that's definitely not in my character to behave that way," Umenyiora said. "I've never behaved that way and I don't plan on behaving that way again."

Let's hope this is the end of it, and there are no long-term repercussions.

-- Osi Umenyiora transcript

-- Tom Coughlin transcript