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Land of the Giants: Jeff Feagles, Corey Webster and more

Here are a few notes for you on a Saturday morning as we wait anxiously for Sunday night. I'm not only looking forward to the game, but Faith Hill and those sexy black boots aren't bad, either.

  • Jenny Vrentas of the Star-Ledger has an awesome piece on Jeff Feagles, the best directional punter in NFL history. The Star-Ledger even included a PDF breaking down many of Feagles' 2008 punts. Here is Feagles talking about his art -- and yes, what he does is an art.

"Every position on the field is a different kind of swing level," Feagles explained during training camp. "That's something you learn over repetition and time, what speed to hit your leg. What happens with younger guys, they don't know how to let off. They hit it too hard, and it goes flying into the end zone.

"That's how I've been able to hang on as long as I have," said Feagles, the oldest player on the Giants' roster by 11 years. "At this point, I just take it one year at a time, because I don't know with my age -- my back could blow out tomorrow.

"But as long as the Giants keep giving me an opportunity to keep playing, I'm going to keep going."

As far as I'm concerned I hope the Giants keep convincing Feagles to kick until he's 50.