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New York Giants injury list is painful to look at

The list of New York Giants who did not practice today is looooooooong. Tom Coughlin spent much of his post-practice presser this afternoon answering questions about the status of key injured players for Sunday.

The very ugly injury picture sums up like this.

  • Chris Canty (calf), Clint Sintim (groin), Adam Koets (ankle) and Danny Ware (elbow) are out. We already knew Aaron Ross and Hakeem Nicks were no-go's.
  • Starting safety Kenny Phillips and cornerback Kevin Dockery are questionable.
  • Michael Boley appears ready for his first action as a Giant. Hooray, some good news!

The most discouraging news out of all of this has to be the ongoing knee injuries being experienced by Phillips. Coughlin said it was something the team was "going to manage this for the year."

Being the stickler for preparation that he is Coughlin is worried -- justifiably -- about the limitations that are being placed on Phillips' practice time. To say nothing of whether this is an injury he can actually get through the season with.

"Let's face it, when you don't practice every day there is something. He has to make up for it by the studying, being with his coach, the little tips and keys that you get," Coughlin said. "But when he worked he was obviously very good in center field and he obviously got some very good clues because he ended up where the ball was probably three or four times yesterday. So he is just going to have to work extra hard in the classroom."