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Phew! Good news on Hakeem Nicks

From Mike Garafolo, comes very good news about the long-term status of rookie wide receiver Hakeem Nicks.

The Giants and first-round pick Hakeem Nicks received good news Monday, when an MRI exam revealed that the Lisfranc joint in the receiver's injured left foot was not damaged, according to someone with knowledge of the results of the examination. ...

The news that Nicks' Lisfranc joint, which is located in the center of the foot and connects the metatarsal bones (those in the toes) to the tarsal bones (those in the arch), is unharmed means that Nicks should return from his foot sprain within 2-3 weeks.

Thank you, thank you to the Gods of football injuries. Nicks had been emerging as a player who could be a key part of the Giants passing attack. Now, we can still hold out hope that he can be just that during the second half of the season.