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Thoughts from the Armchair: Week One Edition

Happy Monday everyone, some thoughts from the armchair: Giants_recliner2_medium

  • Whether it is 1929, or 2009, Giants football doesn't change: dominate on both sides of the ball, leave a bunch of points on the field, and hold on for dear life.
  • It sure was nice to see Giant wide receivers catching passes yesterday. All the so-called experts had me believing that with Plaxico doin' time at Shawshank, the Giants would never complete another forward pass. I have said it all along, I think the Giants will be just fine at wide receiver.
  • Looks to me like the Ahmad Bradshaw of 2007 is back, and with Danny Ware hurt, the timing couldn't be better.
  • Kevin Gilbride had a very good game plan yesterday. The Redskins shot their mouths off all week how they were going to stack the box, and Gilbride planned accordingly. The Skins dared the Giants to beat them with the passing game, and all Eli did was throw for 256 yards, and even with Washington game planning to stop the run, the Giants still hung 100 yards rushing on them. Not every play call is perfect, and not every play is executed correctly. The perfect offensive coordinator doesn't exist, even Bill Walsh didn't call the right play all the time.
  • Sure looks like Stevie Defense misses the Giants more than the Giants miss Stevie Defense.
  • Lawrence Tynes was 3 for 3, but he still makes me nervous every time he is out there.
  • Troy Aikman for me usually ranges from "painful to listen to" to "barely tolerable", yesterday was closer to the former.
  • Jeff Feagles only punted once yesterday, Giants doing a nice job of preserving the old man.
  • Finally, way back in 1976 when Giants Stadium opened its doors, the Giants christened the joint by losing to the Cowboys. I say the Giants repay the favor on Sunday night when they open "Jerry's Monument".

One and Oh and feeling groovy........