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Post-game quotebook

A little bonus for you this evening. Here are some of the post-game quotes from both locker rooms.

Q. What do you think about more in this game, you had flashes of being good and bad?

A. I think it is that we won the game. Everybody is aware of the fact that we have a long way to go to be the kind of team we want to be. But there are some positives things that we can build on.

Q. Coach, you talked about improving your efficiency in the red zone after last year?

A. We are still talking about, obviously, we are still talking about it. One of the things I figured one of you would ask right away, the fourth and one. With our offensive line and our back and our fullback, you've got to go for that, in my opinion. That would have been a huge factor in the game and I thought it was worth the risk. They did a good job.

  • Eli Manning.

Can you talk about how much more comfortable you and Mario Manningham are now?

Mario did some really good things today. I hit him on an in-cut, that was good. He has a lot of talent, a lot of ability. Really the touchdown pass was all him. I checked to the play, it didn’t work as planned, but he improvised and it turned out well, he made a guy miss and got the touchdown. That is something that it is good to see some of these receivers do. Make some plays after the catch, make some guys miss, and that was great to see that.

What was the original call on the Manningham touchdown?

It was just a check. We had a run play. They came with the blitz, an all-out blitz, it was really a check that wasn’t in the game plan. We went into the check and just kind of improvised. It popped into my head and he did a good job of seeing that. I think it is good that these young receivers are really in tune with what is going on. It was something that we hadn’t really talked about in the past, it was something we did in training camp and we have in our package, but he got the call and made it work.