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Redskins QB Jason Campbell, 09.13.09

Question: What broke down on the Umenyiora strip and the touchdown?

Answer: It was a play where we were trying to get a down-the-field shot and the defense took it away so by that time I'm trying to wait for my pass and get out so I can hit my check down and when I was getting ready to hit Mike Taylor they made a great play on the ball.  I guess as the quarterback you just have to feel it a little bit more and slide up in the pocket and prevent that.

Question: When you're talking about tempo and rhythm, was it tough to have that with only four plays in the first quarter?

Answer: Yea, it's tough.  We only had four or five plays in the first quarter and so it's tough to find your rhythm.  And then in the second quarter I'm not sure how many we had but it wasn't a whole lot of plays that we had in the first half.  We just have to make the most of them when the opportunities come.  I thought for the most part we moved the ball well over the middle of the field.  There were some great kicks and some great plays and we just have to score when we get inside the red zone.  We tried to do a pump play to Cooley and those plays took a little bit longer to develop and we just have to be a little bit stronger.

Question: Coach previously talked about a lack of discipline, being the opening game, is this surprising to you?

Answer: A lot of it is not surprising, but some of it is.  It all depends on certain plays and certain things.  For the most part you try to do a lot of things offensively and when you can't use your snap count sometimes it's just hard to be able to check off the plays when you're in a shotgun and there's only a certain amount of time to get the ball off. For the most part we moved the ball; we just have to get touchdowns. We have to have more big plays.  We really didn't have any big plays down the field tonight and I think we just have to find a way to develop more big plays.

Question: How comfortable were you in the pocket?

Answer: I was comfortable and I felt good.  I didn't feel like I was inhibited or anything and for the most part I felt good.  Not to take anything away from them because their defense played a great game.  Tuck and those guys are real men.  I can't take anything away from them and say, "Oh we could've done this and we could've done that." I have to give them some credit, but at the same time we can play better.