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Mario Manningham, 09.13.09

Q: Is it nice to open the season and show that you’re going to be a big factor?

A: Yeah, but it’s only the first game. We still have a lot to work on after this.

Q: You said Eli checked out of the play that you scored the touchdown on. Was that because there was a blitz coming?

A: Yeah, it was the blitzer coming from the backside. He checked out of the play and that’s what we got.

Q: A play or two play before, Eli had to call a timeout. Was there some miscommunication between you two?

A: No, I was in the right spot, but the tight end and I couldn’t move at the same time, obviously, and he just called a timeout.

Q: Because you both thought you were going to move?

A: No. I was in the right alignment and [Eli] just called a timeout, because I guess he had seen something else.

Q: When you got by that first tackle, were you starting to think I’m going to take this to the end zone?

A: I was just trying not to get out of bounds and I was just trying to get to the end zone, trying not to get tackled.