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LaRon Landry hasn't learned his lesson

Apparently, Brandon Jacobs did more than rattle LaRon Landry's bones last season when he steamrolled the Washington defensive back, a clip we love to find excuses to watch. Maybe Jacobs did a little brain damage, too.

Seems Landry hasn't learned much about how to tackle the 270-pound Jacobs.

When Landry was asked whether he would change his approach to the Giants' running back this year because of the hit, he immediately shot down the idea.

"I'm going to do the same thing I tried to do the first time," he said. "However it comes up, that's how it come up. I ain't gonna shy away from it. ... don't have a strategy I just go in there and hit. Mentality if you're a hitter or a tackler you got the mindset of just going there [and] doing whatever, make a disruption. ...

"He a powerful back. Probably got to hit him low, but ... I ain't going to shy away from the contact."

Maybe Landry should listen to teammate Carlos Rogers.

"Whatever situation you get in, you just got to take his legs out," he said. "That's where I'll be. I won't be nowhere up top, I'll be down there."

After all, we wouldn't want to see him get 'Laron'd' again. Or would we?