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5 quick questions with Rick Snider

I know did a chat earlier this week with Hogs Haven, SB Nation's Washington Redskins blog. With the Redskins heading to the Meadowlands this weekend, though, I could not pass up one more opportunity.

Rick Snider is a sports columnist for the DC Examiner and one of the founders of Warpath Confidential, which covers the Redskins. Rick has been covering professional sports in the D.C. area for almost 30 years. More importantly, to me, we have known each other since we attended the University of Maryland and worked together at the Maryland Independent a lifetime ago.

I fired a few questions at Rick this week. I hope you enjoy our little back-and-forth.

Big Blue View: If Brandon Jacobs runs into Albert Haynesworth with a full head of steam, what happens?

Rick Snider: Jacobs gets belly bumped back to the stone age. This is going to happen at least once, and it's the greatest part of football. Haynesworth says they all fall the same no matter the size. The guy has an edge. I wouldn't want him tackling me.

BBV: Will Jim Zorn make it as an NFL head coach? Why?

RS: I doubt it, but not because he can't do the job. I think he's really turning into a good one, but nobody gets enough time at Redskinsland. If they don't make the playoffs, and I doubt they do, then Zorn is probably gone. And given he wasn't even a coordinator before, no one will hire him as a head coach right away. They'll see this time as one of those Al Davis experiments. Zorn could get an OC job and maybe another chance in a few years. He is a terrific guy and a solid football man.

BBV: Do the Redskins have enough offense to be a serious playoff contender?

RS: Yes, if Jason Campbell plays well. They have a Pro Bowl running back in Clinton Portis, Pro Bowl fullback in Mike Sellers and Pro Bowl tight end in Chris Cooley and a fine receiver in Santana Moss. Watch for second-year receiver Malcolm Kelly. If Campbell has time, the offense is good enough.

BBV: Daniel Snyder: One of the best owners in the NFL, or one of the worst?

RS: Depends on your criteria. In making money, Snyder is second only to Jerry Jones. On the football end, he's in the bottom third. We forget there are a lot of lousy owners.

BBV: Something different: Are the Washington Nationals the worst team in baseball history?

RS: No, they've already eclipsed the Mets mark for futility. In two years, the Nats will be a .500 team. Young pitching is coming.

Thanks, Rick. I do hope, though, that you are crying in your beer Sunday night.