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5 Questions with NE Patriots Draft

Trading questions with bloggers from rival teams is always enjoyable. We do that a lot around SBN. Today, though, we are going outside the network for a Q&A session with NE Patriots Draft. I take no credit -- they approached me. Anyway, here is the result of our Q&A.

Big Blue View: Are you worried about Tom Brady's shoulder? Or, are you buying the company line that he just has a bruise and that everything is wonderful?

Patriots Draft: I'm sure that Tom Brady will be listed as probable until the end of time, but I really don't think it is a big problem. He might be hurt, but since he was practicing on Monday, he doesn't seem to be injured.

BBV: Another Brady question (the last one, since I am making myself ill asking them). From what you can see is he fully recovered from his knee injury, or will there be any lingering effect on his mobility, willingness to get hit, anything like that?

PD: Luckily, Brady wasn't that mobile to begin with. Rather than relying on running, he uses small shuffles in the pocket that even my grandfather can duplicate. Judging by his statement that he "wanted to get blown up" in the pre-season, he is ready to get hit.

BBV: Tedy Bruschi just retired. Not really a question, but give me some thoughts on what Bruschi meant to the Patriots the last several seasons. Also, some thoughts on whether this team will miss him on the field.

PD: Tedy has been instrumental in keeping this team focused over the last few turmoil-filled years. While his skills were waning, his coaching career was just beginning. His leadership and intensity (along with Mike Vrabel) will be missed greatly, although Gary Guyton and Jerod Mayo have proven to be superior players on the field.

BBV: Obviously, the starters won't play much -- if at all -- Thursday night. Give us some players we should watch for during the game, particularly guys we might not really be familiar with.

On offense, take a look at WR/KR Julian Edelman -- the 7th round former QB has been channeling Wes Welker in the preseason, and should make the team as a special teams player and 5th WR. Defensively, Pat Chung can really hit. I would imagine that Chung will see some significant time in the safety role on Thursday night. The Oregon grad has been a bit tentative in coverage, but has been good in run support.

BBV: Here is one my favorite questions. If you could take one player off the Giants and put him in a Patriots uniform who would it be? Why?

PD: At first blush, I would take Eli Manning and give him a clipboard. All joking aside, I think that Mathias Kiwanuka would be a terror as an OLB in the Patriots 3-4, and a SLB in their 4-3. His low center of gravity and versatility would be a great fit in New England.