David Carr for starting QB!!!!!!

Lets be real folks, all the attention on the lack of a passing game in the last game against the Jets was put on the receiving corps. The truth is though that combined they dropped just 4 passes. Eli on the other hand missed receivers on about 8-10 occasions in just one half of football. Finally I realized that Eli is the real problem with our passing game and that it is not the receiving corps.

I am a DIE HARD GIANTS FAN and I want a quarterback that gives us the best chance of winning. To me at this point that is David Carr! I am tired of waiting on Eli to truly come around and on blaming all our shortcomings on everyone and everything else.

The GIANTS are a Super Bowl team but we will not get there with our passing game the way it is(yes I understand that we are a running team but an effective passing game makes your running game better).

David Carr threw 2 TD passes in 3 offensive series and got us back into the game against the Jets. About 4 years ago Carr was in the top 5 among all QB in the league in TD passes and led the league in being the most sacked QB at the same time. This says a lot about him and speaks for itself.


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