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A quick note about the comments

This site is growing like crazy, and I am thrilled to have many of you new folks here. However, a word about the standards around here.

Some of the comments in yesterday's posts were way, way, way below the standards of what is expected around here. This site has been built as a community of Giants fans. Respect each other's opinions, do not issue personal attacks and have something thoughtful and intelligent to say that helps the conversation. Otherwise, don't comment. No one cares how smart you think you are, or where you played ball. We care about whether or not you can act like an adult, and join in a mature conversation.

Read the Community Guidelines that you agreed to when you joined Big Blue View. I am asking that the long-time members of this site not get dragged into that kind of attack garbage. Also, please use the 'flag' feature when you find inappropriate comments. I can't catch all of them. By the way, one new member had all of his comments from yesterday deleted.

There are plenty of places on the Internet where you can attack people and act like a juvenile. This is NOT one of them. You guys are all welcome here. But, if you want to be here you need to adhere to our expectations.