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Land of the Giants: Giving Ed a break edition Part One

While Ed takes a few well deserved days off, cj and I will fill in as best we can. Here are a few stories for you to peruse on a beautiful Saturday morning: Matthias Kiwanuka not performing like a second teamer. Great new motto for the Giants: Even our ballboys are tough.

Sporting News: Eli's teammates are happy with his new deal

Daily News: Robbins is quick to predict return to field.

NY Post: Kehl out to turn strength into force.

NY Post: A short and sweet taste of a goal line play.

I will bump the open thread back up to the top, so you guys can chat the day away, and if anything else happens we will have it for you.

Guys don't forget, if any of you are attending training camp, and want to post your own stories or pictures, use the Fan Shots and Fan Posts features. You may find yourself featured on the main page!