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Kenny Phillips, 08.07.09

Q: What is your role in the secondary this year?

A: This year I get to play a bigger role. Last year I only came in on third downs and right now I’m excited to work as a starter. At mini camp we were working out the secondary, off season we kept in touch, made sure that everybody was doing extra drills and working on their hands so that when we get the opportunity to make a play we’ll make it.

Q: Can you think of one thing that your former teammates in the secondary did that helped you out a lot?

A: They knew how to practice every snap. They didn’t take plays off, there was no lull, they went for the ball, went back to the huddle.

Q: How different is it coming into camp with a year of experience under your belt?

A: I feel more confident, I’m more comfortable.

Q: On defense the coaches have been yelling your name the most – in a good way. Do you think this will be the year for you?

A: Last year I was more hesitant when I was making plays because I didn’t really know what I was doing but this year my role has changed. I’ve got to make the calls and be a bigger help on the defense. So far I’m just trying to fill that need.

Q: Has the new coordinator [Bill Sheridan] changed your defense at all?

A: No. I get along with Coach Sheridan. He didn’t change the defense too much.

Q: You’ve said you felt like you were on a little bit of a leash last year…

A: Last year I was a rookie. This year things are working out so far.