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New York Giants training camp: Friday practice report

Just one practice today -- a beautiful, sunny 80-degree day here in Albany -- and here is your practice report from New York Giants training camp.

  • Let's start with a loud, lasting Big Blue View Nation standing ovation. The Giants made it through an entire practice without screwing up one center-quarterback exchange. Believe it or not, that even included snaps from Adam Koets and Kevin Boothe. I gotta tell ya, I played a little quarterback when I was a kid. The idea of taking snaps from Boothe is ... umm ... not appealing.
  • 'Wet Willie' of the day has to go to seventh-round pick Stoney Woodson. The wide receivers made the rookie corner look like a stone statue most of the day. The seventh-round pick gave up long touchdowns on successive plays, first to Hakeem Nicks (from David Carr), then to Derek Hagan (from Andre Woodson, on a beautiful throw). After the second one, safeties coach Dave Merritt (a very vocal fellow, BTW) fired off the line of the day in Woodson's direction.

"Hey, let's go," Merritt said. "That's a first class ticket back to South Carolina."

Ouch! Maybe Woodson got the message, but he still got abused several more times on short throws. One I remember went to Domenik Hixon, and two more where he had no chance against Ramses Barden.

  • Since I gave out a 'Wet Willie,' I have to toss out a 'Kudos' to make everything equal. That is actually going to go to Hagan, who very quietly had a nice week. He has caught everything thrown at him, including the long ball and two or three mid-range catches today. He also beat Terrell Thomas deep down the left sideline today, but Woodson threw the ball elsewhere. Let's just say Hagan was not thrilled about the ball not coming his way on that play. I have no idea how Hagan makes this team unless there is a rash of injuries, but he is making himself noticed.
  • The Giants got through the day with no fumbled snaps, but couldn't avoid a couple of interceptions. C.C. Brown picked off long ball from Carr intended for Mario Manningham that was slightly underthrown. Oh, and cancel that Hall of Fame bust I was ready to order for Rhett Bomar. He seems to be getting fewer snaps, and today he threw a terrible interception right into the hands of Jonathan Goff after eyeing his target (Sinorice Moss, I think) the whole way.
  • The Giants tried two goal line plays at the end of practice from, I believe, the two-yard line. Brandon Jacobs got stuffed on the first and Ahmad Bradshaw got buried on the second. So, yes, the defense is still ahead of the offense.
  • There were a couple of plays on which the quarterbacks would have gotten pummeled in a live game. On one, defensive tackle Jeremy Clark blew into the backfield at Carr. On another, Mathias Kiwanuka, playing right end, blasted by Kevin Boothe and into Eli Manning's face pretty much before Boothe had moved. BTW, you should read the great piece Tom Rock of Newsday did on Kiwanuka.

I am sure I have left out a couple of details, but it's Friday night and I am headed to the lake for the weekend. There will be open practice threads all weekend, but I won't be back at UAlbany until Monday. I do have one feature I might put together over the weekend if I have time, but I am taking a little mini-break.