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Fantasy Football Friday: Big Blue View League

From here on out I'll be taking over Big Blue View's fantasy football coverage from Ed. I've been playing fantasy football for about 6 years now, and while I'm far from an expert I do participate in a pretty competitive league with a few college friends, so hopefully my credentials are up to par.

My first order of business as the "BBV Fantasy Guru" (ha!) is to announce the Big Blue View Fantasy Football League. SBN has set up a deal with, so each blog is allowed to run a fantasy league there. As much as I would love to have everyone from BBV in a league, I had to limit it to 12 teams. If you're interested, send me an e-mail at, with the subject line "Fantasy Football." In the e-mail, just let me know what your BBV screenname is. I'm going to try to give preference to frequent posters, but if you're not a frequent poster and want to participate still send me an e-mail, because I don't know what type of response I'm going to get for this.

Here's a couple of fantasy football nuggets to help prepare you for whatever league(s) you end up playing in:

  • offers a mock draft service. Personally, I find the draft to be the best part of the fantasy season, and this gives you an opportunity to participate against real people to hone your drafting skills. Of course, while it's fun, the draft is also given a disproportionate amount of attention (just like the real draft!). Real fantasy football winners are made on the waiver wire.
  • The staff writers at KFFL list their top 5 sleepers. Giant running back Andre Brown gets a mention. They've also listed their top 5 busts, and luckily no Giants make any of their lists.