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New York Giants training camp: Thursday evening practice report

Apparently, 'Mr. August' is not a night owl. Sinorice Moss had an excellent morning practice, and earned the 'Mr. August' moniker from a media member along the sideline (no, I didn't catch who). Tonight, though, was a bad evening for Moss.

The diminutive third-year wide receiver dropped three passes during the first evening workout of the 2009 training camp, including two on successive plays.

Moss' bad night was topped only by the continued putrid work of Adam Koets, as he tries to figure out how to act like a backup center. Rather than act like a guy ready to back up Shaun O'Hara, Koets is acting more like a guy trying to snap his way out of the league. He bounced, or more accurately, dribbled two shotgun snaps and messed up a regular exchange with David Carr.

Even worse for Koets, these came on three successive plays. That makes roughly a dozen messed-up snaps involving Koets in six practices.

Here are some other notable happenings from Thursday evening.

  • This was the first practice in full pads. It led to the first near fight of camp, too, as rookie Clint Sintim and undrafted free agent running back Dwayne Wright did a little pushing and shoving.
  • Being in full pads also led to the best on-field trash-talking exchange I have heard thus far. During punt return drills, Domenik Hixon bobbled a Jeff Feagles' punt, and it led to the following exchange with Chase Blackburn:

Blackburn: 'C'mon Hix .... we aren't gonna hit you yet."

Hixon: "You ain't gonna hit me anyway, Chase."

Just a little friendly banter.

  • ADDED VALUE? Apparently, $97 million will still buy you a handful of wounded ducks along with your helping of Super Bowl MVP quarterback. That setup is meant to get to the point that Eli Manning's first pass Thursday night during 11-on-11 drills was a horrible wobbler over the head of Kevin Boss that Michael Johnson easily intercepted. Other than that, Manning threw the ball well.
  • Lawrence Tynes made 6-of-8 kicks, missing from 40 and about 42 yards. He is now 14-of-16 in camp. So, in addition to running pass routes he is actually kicking pretty well in camp thus far.
  • WATCHFUL EYES: According to the Giants, today’s attendance was 3,650 (1,660 in the morning, 1,990 in the evening. That increases the camp total to 8,755, the second-highest three-day total in the Giants 14 years at the University at Albany. The three-day record of 10,430 was set last year.
  • NOTE: Check the 'Transcripts' page for interviews with Coughlin and several players.