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New York Giants Training Camp: Tuesday morning practice report

Here is your morning practice report from Day 2 of New York Giants training camp at UAlbany. It's a quick one. I'm starving, and we are all waiting on Antonio Pierce.

This was a pretty bad morning for the Giants offensively.

  • You may never see this again, but Steve Smith dropped passes from Eli Manning on consecutive plays. One was a short in. The second was a deep ball where Smith beat Kevin Dockery by several steps, but could not handle a perfect throw from Eli. The good news is Smith has shown in the first two days he can definitely get deep.
  • David Carr had a tough day. He had a ball intercepted by Terrell Thomas, and threw a couple of other errant balls. He did get lucky once, though, in a red zone drill. Travonti Johnson tiipped a pass for Sinorice Moss, but the ball bounced right to Moss for a score. Johnson got lots of praise and attention from the coaching staff this morning.
  • Thomas had a better morning, with the pick and a couple of other nice plays. Monday was tough for the second-year cornerback.
  • With Adam Koets struggling to get the exchange to the quarterback right, Kevin Boothe took some snaps at center today.
  • Rhett Bomar impressed again. He threw a brilliant out to Derek Hagan, who could not hang on along the sideline. Didn't matter to me, it was a great throw.
  • Darcy Johnson dropped a ball for the second day in a row, and might have some competition for a roster spot from Lee Vickers.
  • The Giants ran a reverse to Moss with Eli as the lead blocker this morning. Yikes! I don't want to see Eli leading the way on a play during camp -- or maybe ever.
  • Coughlin hinted that the Giants will go full pads on Thursday for the first time, though that is not definite.

Here is Coughlin talking about the offensive struggles.

"It's not mid-season form ... it's early, but I'm not very patient. I'd like to see some progress."

NOTE: The Washington Post football blog, 'The League,' asked me to contribute some thoughts on Plaxico Burress this mroning. I have done so here